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    • Amazon US

      PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle

    • PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle

    • May, 15 18:12:49
    • in stock

    • Amazon US

      PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle

    • PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle

    • May, 15 17:26:31
    • out of stock

    • Amazon US

      PlayStation 5 Console CFI-1215A01X

    • PlayStation 5 Console CFI-1215A01X

    • March, 13 16:58:52
    • in stock

    • Amazon US

      PlayStation 5 Console CFI-1215A01X

    • PlayStation 5 Console CFI-1215A01X

    • March, 06 16:18:37
    • out of stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation 5 Console

    • Sony - PlayStation 5 Console

    • March, 01 14:04:29
    • in stock

    • Walmart

      Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • February, 24 17:31:36
    • out of stock

    • Walmart

      Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • February, 24 16:02:05
    • in stock

    • Walmart

      Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • February, 24 15:45:10
    • out of stock

    • Walmart

      Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • February, 24 15:41:28
    • in stock

    • Walmart

      Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

    • February, 24 14:47:47
    • out of stock


Ethan Buck 04 Dec 2022

2 years after the PS5 came out, I finally managed to beat the scalpers and successfully get one. *kinda, I actually won a raffle for it lol*

e 25 Nov 2022


TAYLOR CIUS 20 Nov 2022

I got 4 ps5 from here

Steven Calderon 19 Nov 2022

Guys as the time right now November 19 3:00Pm eastern the REGULAR PS5 disc are in stock at Sony direct

Steven Calderon 19 Nov 2022

Rogue they are in stock right now in Sony direct hurry before they are out of stock

Rogue 14 Nov 2022

My kids need a ps5 for Christmas does anyone know if they will be available soon or if I can get one now?

IwantPs5 10 Oct 2022

@jacoblucas you might need to make a account and after that click sign in

IwantPs5 10 Oct 2022

I hate these bundles man when will the normal one be in stock anyone knows?

IwantPs5 10 Oct 2022

What time does black Friday start on the 25th?

Jacob Lucas 10 Aug 2022

does anyone see that in the Ps direct it says sign in to but i did all that but is still says sign in to buy

Orosco 04 Aug 2022

Anyone know if they count offers to buy one before the PS Direct sign up started against you? I see they will send 4 offers, and they had sent me at least 3 when I didn't have the money.

Nathan t 04 Aug 2022

You only need 1 don't be selfish

KingMo 03 Aug 2022

I already missed 2 opportunities to get a ps5. This time ima be ready as soon as the noti’s drop

JeffDude67 31 Jul 2022

OMG!!! THANK YOU, Thank you, Thank you. With a little persistence and checking at different times throughout the weeks, i Finally Got a PS5 for Retail at the last Best Buys Drop. I told anyone who would listen that I'm Not Going to Support the Scalpers. And I Didn't. Just be patient and wait for the Next Restock. Thank You So Much.

Flexin 30 Jul 2022

hopefully it starts coming back in stock, i get my money on friday Im looking to get that $400 digital edition WITHOUT HORIZON THAT GAME IS TRASH

Jacob Voigt 29 Jul 2022

I've secured 6 of them. No, I didn't resell them, it was one for myself and the rest for friends.

Heidi 29 Jul 2022

Does anyone else get this message when trying to buy through PS Direct? “ Your transaction did not complete. Please visit for self-help solutions.” It’s not a card issue or anything on my end, I talked to my bank.. it’s their website. I’ve tried buying through them on multiple different restocks, and it’s getting quite frustrating…

miguel saez 28 Jul 2022

I just bought it!!!!

Buti Bouh 28 Jul 2022

Has anyone successfully purchased one thanks to this site? It says ps5’s are in stock almost everyday

noah 27 Jul 2022

@Mason Snyder, it took me over a year to get an official invitation from Sony for a ps5

Mason Snyder 27 Jul 2022

About how long does it take for Sony to get back to you? I applied to be able to get on from them directly. Anyone else who did that and got it, how long did it take for them to get back?

Manuel 27 Jul 2022

It says that i need a invitation from Amazon so that i can buy one PS5

Jimmy 13 Jul 2022

It says I can buy one at Amazon but you can’t

Mike B 12 Jul 2022

Just ordered disc version with Horizon from best buy says I can pick up in store on Sunday

jsf 28 Jun 2022

Within 24 hours of signing up I was able to get the digital edition with Horizon directly from Sony. Thanks!

Ritesh Mehra 28 Jun 2022

Bundles available at Some GameStops still

T. P. 27 Jun 2022

I still need one any help please?

Chelsea 26 Jun 2022

I was able to get one from Target. My local target has been getting a few in at a time, and if you time it just right, you can buy one online for pick up in store. Best of luck everyone. I’ve been tracking for a couple months, but I was able to buy both my PS5 and my Xbox from alerts from this site!!

Ja_Red 23 Jun 2022

Just got the horizon bundle from ps direct. I had to respond to the notification I got here almost immediately. best of luck

Danimal 23 Jun 2022

@max I doubt it, feels like the only ones that are getting Amazon or PS direct invites are scalpers.

Sha1 22 Jun 2022

Was able to just pick one up from PS Direct. The queue took about 40ish minutes or so.

Max 22 Jun 2022

is it actually possible to get an invite from amazon?

Danimal 22 Jun 2022

I keep seeing al the Amazon listings, but since they all require invitations it's still next to impossible to get one.

bud 17 Jun 2022

So far, Walmart has been easiest. I like the wait in line thing.... but timer is not accurate, its random. I have bought for several friends. Over past 3 Months I've had six systems. Walmart, gamestop, and Playstation direct. Have to be patient and get notified of stock ahead of time and BE READ AT ALL TIMES

theandy1984 02 Jun 2022

I tried to buy at Walmart+, waste of time :(

Mii Goto 02 Jun 2022

I got one at Walmart! Good luck to everyone!!

vitorino13 02 Jun 2022

Waiting to my invite. I requested, but until now, nothing yet

bud 27 May 2022

If you're patient, you can snag one. Just have to be prepared! I've purchased 4 in past 3 months. I just sell them to friends for what I paid so they have one and don't get hosed by scalpers

User profile picture
User profile picture
PS5_ATMOS 26 May 2022

The whole process of acquiring a PS5 has become one game itself which we have to win somehow.

dahfee 26 May 2022

I couldn't get one today, even with an invitation fml haha. Anyone know if PS Direct will send another invite or do I need to register again? This is getting ridiculous!

User profile picture
User profile picture
MW 26 May 2022

Was able to buy the disc version finally from an PS invite! I clicked the link from the email invite at exactly 11am PT and not a second before. Wait time showed 38 minutes initially but zipped to 1 minute quickly. Then the chime sounded and it took me to the purchase page directly. Went very smooth after that just like a normal purchase. I had already signed in and put an additional controller in my cart prior for free shipping on another page on my pc. When I saw the purchase button I thought I was dreaming. Didn't really believe it happened until I saw the confirmation email of my purchase. My advice is register to get an invite. The times I tried with restocker never amounted to a purchase after waiting to get a shot at buying. Always sold out by the time I was let in. I did say a small prayer before this time and it worked. Couldn't hurt!

la2farr 26 May 2022

My daughter was able to buy one on the May 24 drop from Playstation through her Restocktracker account. I would have been able to get one too, but we only needed the one so I opted out. We both had also registered with Playstation and both got invites to the May 25 drop. Out of curiosity I went through the process on that one as well and found that I could have purchased the disc console there without having to do the Horizon game bundle for $549.00 that my daughter had to take, since the disc console alone was sold out. In both instances we had read our email ahead of time and were glued to our computers, entering the "Event" the second it opened. We both had an hour wait on the Restock Tracker's queue line on the 25th, which is probably why the disc consoles by themselves were sold out and she had to take the one with the Horizon game with it (which is a digital verson of the game, btw), but at least she was able to buy that one. I only waited 20 minutes or less on the PSD event on the 25th and I was able to put a disc console by itself in my cart and get to the checkout screen. Again, I exited without completing the purchase since we only needed 1. My advice is jump in IMMEDIATELY as soon as the event starts. Best luck to all and THANK YOU Restocktracker!!!! My daughter has been dying for this for a year and a half but we REFUSED to pay the scalpers!!

User profile picture
User profile picture
PS5_ATMOS 25 May 2022

Just got mine via Invite. Failed to get one yesterday though even after waiting in line for 1 hour. Today's special invite wait was around 20 minutes. Gladly consoles were still left to buy. Finally my almost year long wait comes to an end. All the best to fellow seekers.

tscottn 25 May 2022

waited in line for an hour, finally get let in to the store. BAM sold out. FU Sony! you cant even limit the amount of people in the queue to the amount of systems you have? That's BS right there!

John Kekich 24 May 2022

Sold out! How many did they have in stock, 10? sheesh.

User profile picture
User profile picture
MW 24 May 2022

Went from a countdown of estimated over an hour down to 10 minutes then back up to 40 minutes! Going backwards, how does that happen? Somebody is cutting in line! Update: now we're back to over an hour wait. oh wait now it says 11 min... Oh we're in and yep, sold out. Just another day at PS direct.

John Kekich 18 May 2022

It`s invite only at PS Direct.

Chandler 18 May 2022

I think the website is wrong

John Kekich 18 May 2022

It says out of stock?????

jbone1988 18 May 2022

Did it sell out in minutes? Feel like I was logged on pretty quick after the e-mail and already out of stock.

Ethan Mead 18 May 2022

Tracker says PS Direct is in stock but PS Direct itself says out of stock? Tracker not working or is only in stock for certain people?

Angel 17 May 2022

I’m still waiting and I need 2 systems

Shaye Jones 04 May 2022

I keep on missing the ps5 I need 1

Poof 26 Apr 2022

Snagged one via playstation direct. I subbed to the email alert and was able to buy it in less than an hour with minimal effort. Thanks restocktracker!

April 25 Apr 2022

Was able to snag myself a disk version on 04/19! Due to Walmart and signing up for the membership. It shipped fast and arrived 04/24. I'm so happy! My ps4 died a week ago and I've been trying for a PS5 since then... Amazon and Target was a joke to go through. But I finally have one!!

Paul Johnson 25 Apr 2022

Just got it from PS Direct. Thanks so much for building this site!

Vixen 25 Apr 2022

Finally scored one thanks to this site!!! Thank you!!!

DrFatherFigure 24 Apr 2022

If you ever get to PS Direct, they release in waves, so wait in line to get into the store (normally it says sign in to buy, but ends up being out of stock) and wait for the next restock notification from the emails. After that, either refresh the page or click on the notification quick and it will say it’s available. The add to car button will be messed up but keep clicking on it and you should be able to add it to your cart. You’re welcome in advance if this works for you and goodluck :)))

Deborah Lewis 22 Apr 2022

OMG It worked... thanks to the alert I managed to order a PS5 disc through Playstation.. and just FYI if you get through a queue only to see Sold Out.. keep trying to place it in your cart, you might get lucky like I did..

PSFINDER 22 Apr 2022

Thanks to whoever is running the site. I got into three lines and was able to get a PS5 disc version from PS Direct after being signed up here for less than a week. Tip for anyone doing Sony, you can add all your games/accessories at least 8 hours ahead of time. I didn’t get a PS5 yesterday, but when I got one today, everything I added (minus a cover b/c stock) was still in my cart.

Brandon Roy 21 Apr 2022

I was able to a disc it took a couple of tries to get it added to the cart in ps direct kept saying out of stock but it still had the add to cart icon finally went after about 5 - 6 tries

Drake 21 Apr 2022

Waited 48 minutes to be out of stock. Fun fun fun

Paint 21 Apr 2022

Sony is a joke! There's so many xboxes everywhere that you can get. even graphics cards are back and are practically msrp but Sony still putting out like 5 ps5s a month they got billions and refuse to pay for more chips to have more stock

Mikey 21 Apr 2022

Sold out?! Been in wait line on best buy since 915am. Currently still in in line.

Branden Prato 21 Apr 2022

Got one from the Walmart from a few days ago. Tried scoring one for a buddy through best buy and even got an invite from Playstation but nothing in stock.... cmon Playstation, you invited me to buy. I clicked the link exactly when you told me to and now you're out of stock?! Anyways, I got confirmation from a gamestop manager that ps5 bundle will be sold in store only this Saturday. $740. Two games, headphones, and a few other things.

Wyatt Arnerich 21 Apr 2022

Add to cart, wait in line, verify account, see that there are none in stock in your state or surrounding states. Bruh

Kanto20 21 Apr 2022

Why is BestBuy so infuriating!! Ship me the d*** console!!

Jonathan 21 Apr 2022

So the process for BestBuy is: wait in line > verify account > get told that there's none in your area. Neat.

User profile picture
User profile picture
MW 20 Apr 2022

Invited to playstation direct drop, got to the front of the queue after 20 min. wait then.......out of stock. F***ing re-sellers and their bots are to blame as well.

Henrik Jensen 19 Apr 2022

Why all the trouble whit getting a PS5 i don't get it it's been on stock in Denmark for a long time. Yeah i know they take more for them but i didn't had patience to wait and i already have 3 PS5. Just asking.

Jonathan 18 Apr 2022

Did Target just have like... 1 Playstation? lol

Josh 12 Apr 2022

I'm glad this is easy to navigate. I saw one on Ebay for$549+ shipping tot.$609.89 seller shipped to wrong zipcode FedEx said my tracking was correct but not name or address,so I got my full refund. Someone got my birthday present.4__11 instead of our true zipcode 4__13. Frustrating.

MadDoctr 06 Apr 2022

Ya right!!

Deborah Lewis 31 Mar 2022

UGH I was on Amazon half an hour early and stayed on for a couple hours constantly refreshing.. never once saw PS5 go on sale...

Rick Bougie 30 Mar 2022

Don't trust Amazon either, had a playstation 5 in my cart went to pay for it, it kicked me out

Napkin41 25 Mar 2022

I feel like I can't trust PS Direct. I waited in line and when I got there it said out of stock. But, they didn't turn off the queue when I tried again. Just have that doubtful feeling where I'm not sure if the website wasn't working or if it was really out of stock by the time I got in.

James Waller 25 Mar 2022

Got to the sign in to buy page and PS Direct site would not let me sign in but I am signed in now. Go figure.

forznoles 25 Mar 2022

I just snagged a PS5 off of the Sony website thanks to emails from here as well as using the Hotstock app. Thank you!

Rovin 25 Mar 2022

Got so many emails saying it was available. FInally got to the front of the line, signed into my account........OUT OF STOCK! This blows!

Storm 25 Mar 2022

PS Direct was sht . It didn't accept my transaction. And now it out of stock again. Just Sad Times

User profile picture
User profile picture
Smasher 1204 24 Mar 2022

Bruh, I just got five emails tell me that it was in stock. I thought other places had it...

Samuel Ray 24 Mar 2022

This site tipped me off to a PSDirect restock and i was able to get a PS5!

meetman 16 Mar 2022

People don't fall for scams. I almost did. Do not buy on social media, especially twitter. You'll probably won't get a Playstation there.

johnburra 07 Mar 2022

I've basically resigned myself to the fact I wont be getting a ps5 for a long time haha. Hopefully with this site maybe I can snag one but these drops get sold out in minutes. If you dont get an error from a server overload, by the time you get it in your cart and checkout *poof* out of stock. This rollout has been a disaster. Until then, my PC is way more powerful anyway but I want the ps5 for the sony exclusives. Maybe in 6 months... hah.

PhillyDee 06 Mar 2022

Is there a Ps5 Pro coming soon?

PhillyDee 06 Mar 2022

Is there any truth to the rum

David Jones 06 Mar 2022

Can’t they limit purchase per household

Tommyboy 06 Feb 2022

It's not going to happen with more chip shortages now. I don't know how many times I was on Amazon and added it to check out and then it was sold out. We are not going to see any change in chip shortages until late summer or fall of 2022 .

Marune chalk 01 Feb 2022

Sony doesn’t care about the shortage because of the fact that scalpers are still giving them money by buying out all the ps5 systems so I doubt they’re gonna do a big drop until elden ring comes out which I pre ordered

Fragrance_Is_The _Addiction 31 Jan 2022

Not buying until I see $499.99

-EZ- 31 Jan 2022


Mason Booth 29 Jan 2022