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PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

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jsf 28 Jun 2022

Within 24 hours of signing up I was able to get the digital edition with Horizon directly from Sony. Thanks!

Allan Paraz 11 Jun 2022

I can't place in order anywhere its usually soldout The amazon invites was my only hope it looked promising ., but they don't ship to hawaii.,, Scalpers are beginning to look good

Pajj 20 Apr 2022

Where is the " in stock/out of stock tool " on the Best Buy App ? I cant find it anywhere

User profile picture
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Jmoney 18 Apr 2022

Still can't get one

Josh Petzold 18 Apr 2022

Download the best buy app. Use the in stock/out of stock tool on the app. Cycle through the closest stores to you and check on a nightly basis at midnight. When you turn ON the "in stock" tool, AND it still shows the ps5 as "unavailable" that means the particular store you have selected has them for in store pickup only. Get to that store BEFORE it opens in the morning. (since we are looking in the app around midnight) Hopefully the line is short and you will have yourself a PS5.

Yellow Sucks 18 Apr 2022

I get on the dot alerts, have all store accounts set up and signed in and I still can't get one. This is bull.

Gila 17 Apr 2022

With 48 million subscribers to PlayStation Plus, Sony could have bolstered subscriptions and got PlayStation 5 to the real players by distributing consoles directly to subscribers (one per subscriber member). They could have used PlayStation direct as the selling point, and then used the distribution stores like Target, Walmart, Gamestop and Amazon as delivery points so they could make their profits too. This would set back a lot of scalpers because they'd have to pay that extra $60 a year per system to get a console to resell. This would have been a win for Sony, for the players and the retailers. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm sure they could have made it work and built a better fan base. Systems to players, more subscribers, more games sold and developers profit, and retailers are not left out and looking bad for not having systems. Win Win Win Win!

Frank Deaton 16 Apr 2022

This is sad and wrong. I know that PlayStation is not hurting because they’re buying them fast but us gamers are let down yet again. All those ps5s bought by scalpers and not being used also hurts the gaming publishers when their games aren’t getting bought or have proper attention they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Truly odd how they haven’t fixed the scalper problem in 2022.

danielle borrelli 25 Mar 2022

Why is it still so hard to get these

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User profile picture
Nikki 25 Mar 2022

i been trying so hard to getta ps5 its almost impossible

Noah 24 Mar 2022

My PS4 broke a month ago I don’t want to buy a new one cause I can buy the ps5 but cause of all these stupid bot when there are some available (really rarely) I can get one

[email protected] 21 Mar 2022

So ridiculous this is a thing 2 years later

Jackson 10 Mar 2022

21st birthday present??

CadanH 03! 08 Mar 2022

I've never wanted it more than i do now! I haven't played videogames since August when I left my ps4 back at home cuz i'm off in college

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King214 04 Mar 2022

I want a digital so bad!!!!!

MLG Ninja 03 Mar 2022

When the restock happens I want a digital one

Eric Zimmerman 31 Jan 2022

I'll take the Disc version of the PS5 as well