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    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 09 12:27:07
    • Out of stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 09 12:16:43
    • In stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 08 09:31:44
    • Out of stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 08 09:02:08
    • In stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 08 08:32:50
    • Out of stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 08 08:01:14
    • In stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 08 07:32:43
    • Out of stock

    • BestBuy

      Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • Sony - PlayStation Portal Remote Player - White

    • December, 08 07:22:43
    • In stock

    • Walmart

      PlayStation Portal Remote Player for PS5 Console

    • PlayStation Portal Remote Player for PS5 Console

    • December, 08 07:22:07
    • Out of stock

    • Walmart

      PlayStation Portal Remote Player for PS5 Console

    • PlayStation Portal Remote Player for PS5 Console

    • December, 08 07:16:42
    • In stock


Noble1985 09 Dec 2023

Resellers of this day and age are literal degenerates, they have the audacity to use the item and state how many times they used it and still proceed to price gouge. Best Buy is a joke too, i dont even try no more its a waist of time ive been in line about 15 times between my partner and I and its still a result of zero, i over paid on the Ps5 when it came out because of that chip shortage bs and now its every where smh so i will not go down that path again, im tryna surprise my son but its looking like its for next Christmas at this rate

Bri D 09 Dec 2023

Best buy is scamming. False advertisement and extremely poor customer service. Every time this item is in your cart. It says it will hold it for 10 minutes and then it just rips it away from your cart. Don’t even waste your time

Chris 09 Dec 2023

It’s really sad we are dealing with the same scalping problem when the ps5 was released. I refuse to pay a dime over what the actual cost of these are. Scalpers deserve to rot.

CY981 09 Dec 2023

At this point there's 100% no way real people are buying these, at least not on the BB website. Everytime best buy briefly has some "in stock", I've sat in the queue (5 different times) and it leads to nothing. They should be ashamed that they have no control over what's going on with all these bots sniping products from real people that want to buy them.

Ibra Talib 09 Dec 2023

It said best buy had it in stock, but their website said out of stock...

Landmark 08 Dec 2023

Why no Best Buy drops in New York? Anyone in New York area get one from BB?

Mike Ritacco 08 Dec 2023

I was refreshing this page hourly for 2 weeks now- I had it in the cart at best buy 3 times and it never went through.. Earlier, I checked on the GameStop site and it showed 1 in stock near me for pickup. It would NOT let me add it to the cart, UNTIL I ALSO ADDED the VIP membership - I tried to trick it, and once it was in the cart, remove the membership but when i did, Proceed to checkout became grayed out. So, I re added it and completed the transaction. 15 mins later, I recieved the email saying it was ready for pickup.. I couldn't believe it- but yes, it's true. I got one. If you guys are able to get one from GameStop, don't forget you need to add the membership[ to the cart (if you don't have it already)

RyanM 08 Dec 2023

If you get one you will have to ship it to your house.

RyanM 08 Dec 2023

its all online, you wont find one locally.

Chris 08 Dec 2023

Does the best buy site search all of Best Buy or just the area?

RyanM 08 Dec 2023

best buy is your best chance, they are the only one consistency adding more stock but i comes randomly and typically youre competing with the bots.

ReelREDS 08 Dec 2023


Chris 08 Dec 2023

Any luck anywhere online?

RyanM 08 Dec 2023

thats a reseller not walmart directly.

Bartender0ni 08 Dec 2023


Pat One 08 Dec 2023

This tracker doesn't consider local availability for Gamestop. I would suggest checking frequently within the 15-100 mile radius(depending on how desperate you are) for in-store pickup. I signed up for the GameStop Pro membership which is required for this option. I was able to confirm an in-store pick-up about 25 miles from my location (NYC). I'd suggest calling the store once the order is placed to see if they indeed have the portal in stock. Another suggestion is downloading the plugin on Google Chrome called "Page Monitor" which detects changes on any website page you are tracking. This plugin is vastly quicker than waiting for an email from restock tracker to update you on availability. I was tracking Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, Sony, Walmart, and Target. You can tweak the settings to monitor the pages at intervals. I had mine check every 15 seconds. Hopefully this helps.

Jane Doe 08 Dec 2023

None of my targets sell them at least that’s what the app says. Been trying Best Buy but they’re bots themselves. Tried contacting support no help.. Walmart is $300 the unit is suppose to be 199.. someone please help!

Tip Duy 08 Dec 2023

Luckily, I got my last night in store at a local Target. It was a little after 8:30 pm and I checked the Target app which has my local Target. The status showed "Limited Stock" but no option for pick-up. I tried called to confirm but no one from the department was picking up. So I ended up going to the local Target and secured one. I ran to the counter and pressed the button for an associate multiple times fearing someone else would get the portal before me (only one available). I went to this Target a few times before and their workers would say shipment is random and they didn't expect next shipment until Saturday (it was Thursday when I got mine). To Try: - Check Target app and if you're lucky "Limited Stock" may show up - Call to confirm if you can, no one was picking up when I called so I decided to go in myself - If the workers (Electronics Dept Lead in my case) said stock will be coming on a specific day, they could be right but it is total random

Amy Love 08 Dec 2023

How do you know what best buys have them in stock i have looked at so many locations all showing out of stock

peaches 08 Dec 2023

I went through the chat feature on Best Buy. I explained that I was able to “add to cart”, saw in my cart and then it would vanish as I went to pay. I was told their website is glitching due to traffic and probable bots. I asked that they just send me an invoice for one because a family member did that and initially was told they can’t do invoices any more. I was very fortunate that the person sympathized and lo and behold, I received an invoice yesterday. I had to be kind of pushy but not disrespectful and the chat was almost 30 minutes long, but I have one coming! Good Luck!

Big D 08 Dec 2023

Best Buy is pure trash

Vic 08 Dec 2023

Best Buy app is bs

Devin Whalen 08 Dec 2023

is anyone able to get from best buy??? I'm so confused when I hit add to cart the button just disappears.

Goddess 08 Dec 2023

Just got one from best buy. I was an idiot for not checking through different locations. I had it set to only my hometown location. On a whim, I decided to change the location to a store that is still nearby. And sure enough I was able to get it even when this tracker said it was sold out.

Landmark 08 Dec 2023

Anyone in New York able to get one?

Estefany Ortiz 08 Dec 2023

Anyone know when they’ll be available in California or if anyone has gotten one recently ? From bay area to be exact

Nextron 08 Dec 2023

Finally!!! , I found it at Walmart for 199$ No waiting line no checking inventory, Good luck!

MattD 08 Dec 2023

Finally managed to order one at $200 from Walmart. Much better process there than Best Buy. Just click add to cart and you’re good to go. No lines, checking for inventory, etc

José 08 Dec 2023

Raven my man you where right just got mine at my local GameStop I was able to get the last one thanks for the heads up and everyone check your local gamestops go straight to the app and see if there available for pick up


Check your local Targets. Anyone in MA Westwood target has 8 in stock right now. Good luck to the rest of y'all.

Rey Peete-Brigantti 07 Dec 2023

You sir raven are a scholar…. Just got mine from a local game stop after reading your post. Good looking.

Raven Cooler 07 Dec 2023

Y’all, be sure to refresh the sites individually whenever you have time to check your local stock, even if this tracker site shows everything out of stock. I got mine today through GameStop because a local store had one in stock that I ordered online for pickup. Target would also show you local inventory you could order for pick up if in stock. Happy hunting!!

Nextron 07 Dec 2023

I left

Lionel Sustiguer 07 Dec 2023

Been in line for an hour now, still checking stock. Do I leave?

Nextron 07 Dec 2023

They didn't kick me from the line yet, do I leave or keep waiting? I've been waiting for 40 minutes

Rey Peete-Brigantti 07 Dec 2023

So I was in line a good 10 minutes before the in stock notification went out. So there’s a delay when we are notified. Some times the notifications don’t even come out when they are in stock. And I too received an added to cart notification but my cart was empty.

nj nj 07 Dec 2023

Best buy is a joke you get in line and says item added to cart and nothing in there did it three times to just get the sold out notification 🤦🏻‍♂️

Devin Whalen 07 Dec 2023

That's nuts. After waiting in line the add to cart button just disappears. Guess I wasn't fast enough? Idek

RyanM 07 Dec 2023

bots buying them all

michaelm 07 Dec 2023

Literally the website is completely broken. I was on Best Buy in line before this website updated and it would not let me add it to the cart. It continuously kept getting rid of the button and then went to currently unavailable. So ridiculous that I have to wait for it to be in my area rather than get shipping.

asaunder 07 Dec 2023

aaaand unavailable near by. fml

RyanM 07 Dec 2023

still in line. I had been refreshing for the past hour, as soon as it turned yellow i clicked add to cart. System is broken.

asaunder 07 Dec 2023

i've been trying to get this from best buy for week... add to cart button disappears... fuuuuck this

KingHuts 07 Dec 2023

Freaking add to cart button disappeared after i was thru the line... WTF

Avljkb2294! 07 Dec 2023

No usual. I wish people would just stop buying from scalpers and just stick them with all the Portals they bought.

asaunder 07 Dec 2023

here we go again...

RyanM 07 Dec 2023

in line for best buy for last 5 minutes... anyone having any luck?

Smorty 07 Dec 2023

Wait in line for Best Buy.....checks invetory.......add to cart button vanishes. Nothing happens. Oyyyy.

BIGBT 07 Dec 2023

I was in line and they sold out in that minute. Bummer.

BIGBT 07 Dec 2023

Best Buy was in stock for like a minute @0746 hours central time zone.

michaelm 07 Dec 2023

Does anyone know when we’ll see a restock at Amazon? I got my PlayStation from there right away while it was in the in stock and out of stock stage 2 years ago

Plammy 07 Dec 2023

Called one target about 20 miles near me showing stock.. no stock BUT they said they were receiving stock on the 12th! Give your local targets a call!

HV 07 Dec 2023

Just happened to check my Target app while Best Buy was launching its restock. Target is restocking randomly, locally! Didn't get a notification here. So keep checking!

FunnyAF tv 07 Dec 2023

Ok these restocks are getting out of hand…

Meathammer 06 Dec 2023

I was able to order one from BestBuy but the nearest location was 250 miles away! They don't offer shipping so I had to cancel it... and why is Walmart selling it for $400??? I'm trying Amazon but Lord knows when they'll restock & same goes for the other sites. You would think these companies would do a better job at stopping bots from ordering 🙄

Jason 06 Dec 2023

Could I of got one 65 miles from me at game stop. Wasn’t worth 130 mile round trip. I’d rather give a scalper the extra $100

MattD 06 Dec 2023

Best Buy now says “Unavailable” instead of “Sold Out”. Wonder what the significance of that is?

RyanM 06 Dec 2023

best buy sold out again

Taper 06 Dec 2023

I've been in lone for 2 hours idk whats gonna happen

Adam Lancaster 06 Dec 2023

Every single time I click add the cart I always get an error message

MattD 06 Dec 2023

Been F5’ing Best Buy all day. It’ll be in stock for two minutes, I’ll click add to cart, be put in line for a few minutes, then told it’s out of stock. This has happened at least four times today.

Divine Games 06 Dec 2023

I had it in my cart, Best buy says holding item for 10 min, and somehow it goes out of stock while I was placing the order?! wtf is that about!!

tyler bagby 06 Dec 2023

As soon as I got the notification the site starting glitching. Once I got through on best buy it was sold out smh!!!

Orpheon 06 Dec 2023

If you see a price above MSRP ($199) on Walmart, this is a 3rd party seller from the Walmart marketplace. This is the same from attempting to buy one off ebay or stock x, from a scalper. Only add to cart if the listed price is MSRP as advertised.

Michael Quinn 06 Dec 2023

Walmart selling for 400!!!! Aweful.

Adrian 06 Dec 2023

F$*king a-holes and their f$*king bots ruin any attempt to make purchases !! Every drop instantly ''sells out'' F$*k you and your bots ! F$*K scalpers !

Smorty 06 Dec 2023

Anyone find any word on when Sony is restocking on their Direct website? Still says check back early December.

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

Walmart allows 3rd parties to sell on their site and that is who has it in stock.

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

Best Buy sold out.

KellyLeigh 06 Dec 2023

Why is Walmart selling it for $399????

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

Walmart is $399.99

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

Out of stock - Walmart

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

Out of stock - Walmart

Moe G 06 Dec 2023

@Pat One I bought one for $315 from a bid. If you watch it and bid in the last minute you could get it for under $350, which is stock x price which is why I posted this since people were talking about buying from stock x. I’m just trying to help.

Pat One 06 Dec 2023

@Moe G, why share a reseller link? No one should buy from a reseller. Could very well be you who is selling it. Get this garbage comment outta here, it's not helping.

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

The problem is if your buy through a second party the warranty is void.

michaelm 06 Dec 2023

@tylerbagby I might have to agree with you on this one. It’s not that much more, but I might hold off until around Monday.

tyler bagby 06 Dec 2023

At this point I might just order from stock X. And pay the extra.

michaelm 06 Dec 2023

Did not get it even though I had 3 devices set up!

Plammy 06 Dec 2023

Does anyone know if Target does random restocks online or is it mostly in store?

KingHuts 06 Dec 2023

Viewing Abe’s buy via phone and computer (cleared cache). Still out of stock

Jenkballs 06 Dec 2023

Finally got one from Best Buy; had my phone & iPad up continuously changing from in-store pick up [nothing within 250 miles] to shipping. Good luck to everyone else; stay frosty. It'll happen!

Grady 06 Dec 2023

Not in 250 miles so I can’t buy smh

Rey Peete-Brigantti 06 Dec 2023

Keeps telling me item is added to my cart but my cart is empty…

Rafepa 05 Dec 2023

Best Buy just had one, lasted a couple of seconds…

Ev123 05 Dec 2023

Does anyone know when the next re-stock is?

Moe G 05 Dec 2023

Got one right now from GameStop. Had to pay for a pro membership but I called out it on hold and I finally got one

michaelm 05 Dec 2023

I will go check all my local stores but where I live the odds are really low that there is any sort of stock. So frustrating. It’s like the PS5 all over again.


Luckily Target had some in stock today. Grabbed one for me and the wife. Check your local Targets! Look inside the cases with the PSVR2 that's where I found them.

scalptrash 05 Dec 2023

Walmart was showing Add to cart yesterday for about 2 hours. Was never able to successfully complete transaction. This site never mentioned it.

Wurms 05 Dec 2023

Check GameStop website before I left work and there was 1 in stock locally. I quickly bought it expecting it to be cancelled, but I soon got the order ready for pickup email. And to my surprise, I walked out of GameStop with a Portal in hand. The employee said he just got them in. So just good timing by me. But GameStop are getting non-preorder Portals. When purchasing through the website, I had to be a Pro member (mine expired in October) before it let me checkout, and when picking up the Portal, they checked ID to verify name is the same, so you can't be buying them long distance and having people pick them up. But they are out there. Good luck all.

Jason 05 Dec 2023

I spoke to a GameStop employee over the phone. He was saying that there will be no chance I can get one until next year because any of them that are coming out are for pre-order fulfillment only and if I’m not a GameStop pro member I’ll never get one I believe he was just throwing me off and I honestly don’t know why.

Moe G 05 Dec 2023

@michaelm yes just be patient and keep your eyes open. Also stores will have them in stock and will not show in stock in apps especially Walmart so be on the look out, go grocery shopping in the store Monday mornings and check out the ps isle and ask about when they get shipments if you really can’t wait.

michaelm 05 Dec 2023

@moeG Even with the restock, do you think normal people have a good chance of getting it? These scalpers just pick them up so fast that we cannot even get the chance to add it to the cart

Joye Sulpacio 05 Dec 2023


Jason 05 Dec 2023

Knock Knock

Moe G 05 Dec 2023

@michaelm official source said it will be restocked everywhere by this week. Looks like resellers are going to be stuck with $500 bricks 😉

michaelm 05 Dec 2023

Does anyone have a prediction for when it’ll be restocked at ps direct?


Lmao your kids do not need this. Let's be realistic now haha

Joseph McGuire 04 Dec 2023

All you people crying about bots and resellers dont realize when you break down and pay double because ur kid has to have this thing is why these people exsist. If nobody bought resale it wouldnt exsist. But that never gonna happen unfortunately

marwan 04 Dec 2023

How do I clear cache in the Best Buy app? I was in line and it was out of stock while waiting to verify or what ever it was doing

RestockHelp 04 Dec 2023

Pro Tip When stock comes in, remember to clear your browser cache (you will see the add to cart button), the stock status on here is accurate. These stores cache the last version of the page you saw.

scalptrash 04 Dec 2023

Idk how many Amazon had, but they were gone in seconds (bots).

Jason 04 Dec 2023

Any one reselling. Eat a bag of diks

Noble1985 04 Dec 2023

Amazon got em but for $435 bucks and its used at that, i hope resellers and bot enthusiast’s develop chronic arthritis in both there hands

Michael Quinn 04 Dec 2023

I've been able to click add to cart on 3 times now. I've gotten the "You're in line" queue three times. All three times I "Wait in line" it then signs me out, signs me back in, sends a code to my cell for validation. Then it goes right back to the page where I see "SOLD OUT". Worse tease ever! STOP RESELLING A HOLES!

Admiralsnackbar2 04 Dec 2023

Got to Amazon no more than 5 seconds after being notified and there was nothing

KingHuts 04 Dec 2023

Literally followed link to Amazon within 30 seconds of notification. And 0 instock. WTF

Jason 04 Dec 2023

Any of you that’s reselling. Go Suck a phart

marwan 03 Dec 2023

I’ve been waiting all day what’s going on? No restocks after 8am

Robert Gray 03 Dec 2023

A bit annoying trying to get one of these i must admit.

bug 02 Dec 2023

been in line for over an hour, is my app frozen or do i still have a chance?

Smorty 02 Dec 2023

Bots are scooping these things up faster than its even possible for real consumers to even get one. I'm in line immediately and havent had luck a single time. This is literally the only thing my 10 yr old is asking for this year.

Lakeisha Robinson 02 Dec 2023

This is insane I'm literally clicking the link in email as soon as it comes in and the stores still say sold out they never had a restock. All bestbuys smh. Ps5 was way easier getting than this thing. My 9 year old only wants this for his ps5 n I can't find this thing no where.

Steve 02 Dec 2023

Scalpers suck

Driller 02 Dec 2023

Sat in line on two different accounts just to get told not in your area of 250 miles. Then bam, sold out!

Joseph McGuire 02 Dec 2023

This thing is impossible. And these updates arent right. I had an easier time buying a ps5 lol

Jae Jae 02 Dec 2023

Why is Best Buy the only ones selling them throughout the day/night?

christian mullin 02 Dec 2023

Guess it’s more chiaki4deck until this thing is available for humans to buy in 2025

Mugello-Rot 01 Dec 2023

People that use bots take it up the a**, change my mind.

Pat One 01 Dec 2023

zzz waste of time, maybe 2024 I might get lucky.

scalptrash 01 Dec 2023

Notes for Best Buy: They are releasing them regionally, by city or possibly even by store. So when this site says they are available, they are not available everywhere. They are being sold as pick up only and will only show in stock if it is available at your location. This was the same for PS5 and Nvidia GPU's. Clearing your browser cookies/cache data logs you out of Best Buy's website (and all websites) and will also clear your current location. You may see 'Add to cart' available when you do this, but as soon as your browser determines your location or you log into Best Buy's website, it will switch back to Sold Out. Unless, of course, your preselected store has availability. Clearing your cookie/cache data is not necessary, just refresh/reload the web page. This is precisely why Best Buy's website says to already be logged in and have your preferred store preselected. So, these in stock alerts are NOT nationwide, only for specific cities or even stores. I believe Best Buy is rotating them in an effort to combat bots/scalpers (thus the no shipping, pick up only policy). It is still worthwhile to try when an in stock alert happens to see if it is available at your preselected store at that time.

Avljkb2294! 01 Dec 2023

Just got a notification a few minutes ago. I immediately went to the site and it was still "sold out". Something needs to be done about the bots scooping them up. I will NOT pay over $200.

Paul Gribben 01 Dec 2023

Hey Best Buy how about you restock this thing when day shift workers are actually awake!

Knight III 01 Dec 2023

popped up but no luck

Knight III 01 Dec 2023

not accurate, they have been right once, 15-20 mins after they posted it was in stock once

Oh714 01 Dec 2023

Missed it again!

Knight III 01 Dec 2023

fake alerts got me up at 3am... smh. watched it the whole time and cleared cache a few times. please send out alerts only when it says add to cart.

Noble1985 01 Dec 2023

I was in line for the Best buy restock and they dont ship evidently

RestockHelp 01 Dec 2023

Remember to clear your browser cache (you will see the add to cart button), the stock status on here is accurate.

Steven Martin 29 Nov 2023

How do u find out the store locations far as what particular Best Buy ?

Noble1985 28 Nov 2023

Death to all bots, there ruining the Christmas of little kids

Brad Whitehead 28 Nov 2023

Had 1 in my cart several times and everytime I would complete purchase kicked me out and started me over. Long story short ended up with none.

Joshua Hutson 28 Nov 2023

Best buy is out of stock. Please update the site

Aokiji 28 Nov 2023

bruh we normal people gon get this i believe in us lmao, hopefully by december theres a full restock

Ashley Hamilton 28 Nov 2023

Facts!!! I was in line and then when I get thru the “ add to cart” button disappears

Aokiji 28 Nov 2023

It says theres like 6 available i swear its bots taking it first bc it lets me stay in line sometimes

Noble1985 28 Nov 2023

Literally clicking on the link in ten seconds after i get the notification and still saying sold out, im at work getting jerked around by notifications

D'Faria Family 28 Nov 2023

to everyone that is trying to get one . great can complained was able to get them thanks for the help real thanks ... all I say keep trying don't give up I got it ... its like everything in life don't give up

Noble1985 28 Nov 2023

In line and then sold out, 4th time now smh

RestockHelp 28 Nov 2023

If you're seeing it out of stock when it says in-stock, clear your browser cache completely and check again.

Bek 28 Nov 2023

This thing always shows in stock. Instantly click and everything still shows out of stock. Never right.

Emmanuel Rios 28 Nov 2023

Was notified and checked the same minute it was posted none available

Kintz 24 Nov 2023

can't get past the line. this is bs

Kenny 23 Nov 2023

Is there a way to get push or text notifications?

Josh 23 Nov 2023

Cant make it past the in line page

Derek Allen 23 Nov 2023

Just got one for my son for X-mas. Thanks so much for what you do.